FahSpy frequency asked questions

Q. Why does FahSpy still show the status as "Ready to send", when the next work unit already has X% calculated?
A. The program has a number of statuses that are mutually exclusive. "Running" and "Ready to send" are among those that cannot occur simultaneously. In some circumstances a unit can have been completed but not sent to the server, while a new unit has been downloaded and is already being processed. In this case FahSpy decides (and I absolutely agree with it), that it is more important to inform the user about unsent units.
Occasionally "Ready to send" will remain, despite the unit being successfully sent. In this case you should manually remove any "work\wuresults_*.dat" files.

Q. I'm sure that a client is running, but FahSpy displays the "Stopped" status on Linux/FreeBSD/*nix.
A. FahSpy detects the "Running" status of a client by looking for a file lock "FAHlog.txt". On some OSes, the files are not locked during processing, due to the way the cores are handled. In the latest version experimental support for these systems was added.

Q. I see only zeros and "no data" in core's details.
A. You should update the work unit database. Open this URL: http://fah-web.stanford.edu/psummary.html and save the page into FahSpy's "Data" folder as "psummary.html".

Q. The program doesn't display a prediction.
A. A prediction cannot be displayed right after a unit is started. You should wait until the client has completed at least 2-3% of the unit.

Q. The interface is too complex. There are too many columns.
A. You can tune the interface: hide unnecessary columns or change their order using program settings. It makes sense to disable "Group by computer" if work unit cache is not used. Also you can use some bmp image to set background picture as you like.

Q. What does the column "Run-Clone-Gen" display? What it for?
A. It shows the unique identifier of the unit. If you have processed several units with the same project number and the same value of "Run-Clone-Gen", you will only get the points for one unit. FahSpy highlights these values in red.

Q. Does a version for Linux exist?
A. No, and is not planned. However FahSpy should work w/o any problems or limitations under any Windows emulator (or Windows virtual machine). There has been a particularly positive experience of using FahSpy under WINE.

Q. What is "bonus factor"?
A. Bonus factor is a special ratio of boost your calculation speed on extra-large work units. Bonuses are awarded according to the following formula: Total points = base points * bonus factor. You can find more detailed info about bonuses in this place.

Q. I appreciate the time and effort the author has spent writing FahSpy and would like to donate money to him. How can I do it?
A. FahSpy's author has the following electronic purses with the WebMoney payment system (http://www.wmtransfer.com/): USD - Z392465765314. Also you can just click to advertising links on this site.
Thank you for your support!